Keep Frith Rural

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Time is of the essence – the deadline for objections is December 20th 2018. Please take action below, spread the word, and together we can keep Frith the rural oasis which benefits so many people.

About the Threat

Scouts have been camping at Frith Grange, the Barnet District scout campsite since 1934 – a small oasis between the suburban areas of Mill Hill and Finchley.  Quietly positioned but close to the Underground station on the Northern Line at Mill Hill East, visitors from all over the UK and beyond have enjoyed trips to the sights of London while camping inexpensively at this accessible site.

Millbrook Park Background

Millbrook Park development is a result of the Army moving its huge transport and postal services away from north west London and the need to build more homes to accommodate the people attracted to living and working in and around the capital.  Well and planned mixing all varieties of accommodation, the Park will soon be the home to around 5,000 people. 

The original plan

Adjacent to our camping site it was originally planned to put the Energy Centre for the Park comprising low rise plant and ancillary buildings.  Late in the Developers’ programme it was decided to change the Energy Centre for low rise (4 storey) housing close to the Park’s boundary with our camping site.  It is now the Developers’ intention to build higher and closer to our boundary with six storey residential blocks of flats some over 20 metres in height.  One of these blocks, actually on our boundary, comprises a 20-metre-high solid red brick wall with, at the top, a dozen special bricks for swifts to nest!

Money Talks

We have held discussions with the Developers and their teams of consultants to try to mitigate the effect on our site but while some small alterations have been achieved, in truth, money talks and the profit from the sale of the flats far exceeds the concerns the Developers’ team feels for us.

The view from the 5th floor – overlooking Frith

Take Action

Your objection must be personal – the council do not consider copy and pasted objection letters. We’ve provided some inspiration for your letter – choose what’s most important to you and include it in your comments.

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Have a look at the images on the right showing views towards and from the development being proposed by our neighbour, look through the bullet points below and then, with your friends and family, write objections to the development in your own words but generally you should include references similar to those below

  • My son/daughter called ………………(name) is a Beaver/Cub/Scout with the…………… (name of Scout Group) and has enjoyed meeting/camping/visiting our local scout campsite since 20…
  • I have been involved with Scouting since…..
  • I have been using Frith…. visiting Frith…… for …. years
  • I am a friend of Scouting…….
  • The Scout Association takes Safeguarding extremely seriously…..
  • Security of site compromised…..
  • fundamental consideration for the planners.
  • 20 metre high solid brick walls ……
  • the children and young people…. feel dwarfed.
  • The mass of building so close to this green oasis ……….
  • question the height of this development.
  • Scouting is noisy, children running around …..
  • playing football early in the morning….,
  • shouting chants round the campfire…..
  • lighting fires & cooking…..
  • a “green field” site…..
  • arriving back late after a night hike….
  • not conducive to a residential development…….
  • within touching distance of the camping site…..residents upset…. conflict is bound to happen.
  • Traffic along Frith Lane…….. already busy ….. development will generate more traffic….. difficult to enter or leave site now….. become more dangerous….

Thank you so much.

Tracey, District Commissioner
Barnet Borough Scouts

Trevor – Chair, District Executive


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Subject line:

Objection to planning application 18/6640/FUL and 18/6352/RMA Phases 6 and 6b of Millbrook Park

Tips for composing your email:

  1. A nice formal greeting. “To whom it may concern” or “Dear All”
  2. A sentence or two about who you are and your connection to the field. (e.g. a local resident, someone who explores London’s green spaces etc).
  3. List your reasons for objecting (only some things can be considered – pick them from the suggestions above).
  4. Thank them for their time, and perhaps say you’re looking forward to their decision.
  5. Sign off with your full name and address (required, without your name and address the objection can’t be used).

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Don’t forget your full name and address – your message will not be counted without them. Please also stay polite and on-topic.

If the automatic button above doesn’t work, follow the instructions above.


Thank you for doing your bit to help keep Frith Rural!

Can you take 5 minutes to enlist your friends and family to the cause? Whether they’re Scouts, Guides, or just someone who cares for outdoor provisions for young people – let them add their voice!